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Updated: Jan 6, 2021

This week's bounty:





Salad Mix

Mustard Greens




Potatoes (purple, gold, red, or fingerling)




Poultry Bundles for your turkey





Bird Rub

Turkey $3/ lb

Eggs (quail or chicken)

With thanksgiving being just around the corner we want to make sure everyone is loaded up with all their necessities. This weekend, and this weekend only, we are offering %25 off of everything. From collards, to potatoes, and even some discounted turkeys. So, if you're looking for some local, pasture raised turkeys this year (between 17 and 18 pounds) message us ASAP to reserve them.

This weekend we will also be offering some BOGO value added products to help you prepare for your holiday charcuterie, gift basket, stocking stuffers, and part appetizers. You can browse our selection of jams, jellies, syrups (awesome in cocktails) and spices.

Additionally, we will be offering some pre-orders for partridge, quail, guniea, pheasant, and black chickens for the the holidays. These are great local, sustainable alternative to your traditionally raised chickens

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Home Gardener, just click the picture for a special offer:

These grow lights from Yoyomax are great. They are flexible which allows you to choose the angle and direction of the light, allowing for a more efficient grow cycle. They are cost efficient, using very little electricity due to their use of LEDs. These are great for the home gardener as they allow for a very customized grow light experience.

This NON-GMO seed kit is great for the beginner, or the expert. Each kit comes with instructions, seeds, and the media required for your propagate and harvest bountiful herbs, even in the cooler months. This gift also worked well for the chef in your family.

This weekend we will also be offering %25 off CSA sign ups for the holiday season. So, if you are interested in receiving weekly produce, meat, and value added items be sure to come by and sign up! We will also be taking sign ups online through social media and our email

Also, we are always accepting volunteer to help us out.

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