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Winter is Coming

Updated: Nov 3, 2020


This week will not be offering food. We will be focusing on assisting with CSA sign ups, turkey ordering, pumpkins, and


Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Peel and cube however many potatoes you intend to mash, boil in salted water

When the potatoes fall apart when forked, they are ready

Strain then add pack to your pot

Add 1 cup of sour cream and 6 cloves, roasted, per pound

Blend until you reach the desired consistency

What's in Season?

KALE $4.00/ bunch

CHARD $4.00/ bunch

MUSTARD $4.00/ bunch

LETTUCE $4.00/ bunch

COLLARDS $4.00/ bunch

SPRING ONIONS $2.00/ bunch

QUAIL EGGS $2.50/ dzn

Chicken Eggs $3.00 /dzn

Herbs $9.00 lb $1.50/ bunch

Pumpkins 2/ $5.00

Peppers $3/ quart

Turkey $5/ lb

and anything else that is in season by then!

CSAs are also still available

Contact us for Pick-Up ANY DAY this week.

The fall season is in full swing and boy have we been feeling it! In addition to the cooler temperatures, we have been slammed with our end of season chores. Our fall season is in full swing, meaning we have lots of winter veg and greens available! This also means our beloved tomatoes and peppers are coming to an end. However, we are excited to announce we are working on ways to extend our peper season in order to bring you more of your favorite hot sauces and hot honey.

But wait! There is more excitement. We are so happy to announce that we have hatched our very first ducklings! They are so cute and fluffy.

Stay tuned for us to offer duck eggs in the future!

Don't forget we also have slots available for volunteers. Need volunteer hours for a club or school? Looking to learn about where your food comes from and how it's produced? Are you just in need of a reason to get outside, maybe burn a few calories? Contact us today if you're interested!

@beavercreekgamefarms Check out our Facebook!

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