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Spring Is Coming

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

In just less than a month, Spring begins! We are so excited for the new growing season and everything we plan to offer! Right now, we are working hard to consolidate our asparagus field to allow more space for even more fresh veggies.

Just look a these great crowns!

We are also excited to add chickens to our flock this year. Our carpenter, Steve, has been building us some top notch chicken tractors. What is a chicken tractor you ask? Basically, a chicken tractor is a mobile home for your birds. It is on wheels, light weight, and mobile. This allows the coop to be moved regularly to provide the chickens with fresh new food sources. In doing this they eat insects, weeds, and even till up the soil some with their talons. Thus, they are called chicken tractors.

Additionally, we will be adding turkeys to the flock this year as well. We will be taking pre-orders for Thanksgiving and Christmas. if you are interested, lets us know as soon as possible to secure yourself a delicious, local turkey.

This will also be our first year hosting a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) or Farm Share program. If you are interested in our CSA you can sign up on our website here:

or you can directly email me at

Thanks for your support,

The Beaver Creek Family

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