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Short and Sweet

Our Taco Menu for this weekend will be a classic grilled quail, with corn tortilla chips, and cucumber salsa!


Roasted Bell Pepper and Egg

topped with cucumber salsa, pickled onions, cilantro, with a house aioli, hot honey, and a verde sauce

$3 each or 3/$8


Grilled Quail with Corn Tortilla Chips

with a side of cucumber salsa, your choice of a house aioli, hot honey, or verde sauce

4$ each or 3/$10

Hello all!

 It's the top of the work week here at the farm and yet another summer shower is upon us!

While the summer provides many ideal conditions for food producing plants such as corn,

tomatoes, and more, it also provides farmers with challenges such as hot, humid work

conditions, causing us to work earlier in the day and sometimes for fewer hours, and more rainy days than we see in other parts of the year. Such rainy days, like today, are a great hindrance to working in the field. While it might be uncomfortable to us, planting in soaked soil leaves the roots/seeds of young, potential plants without the aeration they need at such a crucial, often vulnerable, period in their life. 

But waste not, want not! Each day counts, we take advantage of days such as today to clean in-house, update our jarred product inventory, create more seed flats for succession planting, wash eggs, fullfil/deliver orders, and write our blog!  

Thank you so much to anyone who came out to our table at the Dorey Park Farmer's Market this past weekend! We're a tad limited on what we can bring due to cooler space and needing to make sure we have product available at our own market, but it was awesome to see that we filled a gap in that community with at least our new pickles and our more niche sauces. We hope to see you there again this coming Saturday! 

*Our pop up market is open Every Saturday from 10am-2pm @ 7356 Osborne Turnpike*

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