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June Pop-up

This Saturday we will be offering an Asian taco with both a vegetarian and meat option:

MENU Saturday 6/6/2020


VEG (featuring Hot Honey): Charred, asian style broccoli with matchstick carrots, green onions, mixed greens, and cilantro

$3.50 or 3/$9.00

SPECIAL (featuring quail)+$1.50 or 50 cent each:

Add grilled quail to your Asian style taco to get this sweet deal

Our smoked pheasant tacos this past Saturday were a BIG success! Thank you so much to anyone who came out and had them, or picked up anything at all! It was great to see everyone and means a lot to have such a great response about our products and home cooked meals. Come down to the farmers market this week to try our farm grown cactus tacos! They're delicious all around, but vegans and vegetarians will really want to try them!

We have been VERY busy planting! In the past three days alone, we have planted:

Tomatoes- we have a larger variety of cherry tomatoes this year including tigers eye 🐅👁️, black pearl cherry 🏴‍☠️🍒, sun gold ☀️🥇, and more!

Okra- pickled okra is one of our best sellers in the summertime, but no burgundy!

& Eggplant- can't wait to try eggplant tacos!!


We are in need of some people that would like to volunteer ideally either one full day a week or 2 to 4 hours on multiple days. But we won't send anyone away who wants to work more! You'd be able to take home a box of goodies (meat, produce, eggs), and the more you volunteer the more you’ll get!

We went on our first Beaver Creek camping trip of the year a couple weekends ago! We brought the spouses out to our King William property and had a great time foraging, learning about wild, usable plants, and cooking Beaver Creek products on an open fire! We loved it so much that we're planning to take another camping trip in about a week and a half and wanted to extend YOU an invitation! That's right! If you're interested please don’t hesitate to call or email (see below)!

We know many have loved our asparagus crop this year! We're so thankful to have at least nearly sold out of asparagus at every farmers market we've had on our property the past couple of months. It's been fun to see folks' reactions to our purple asparagus variety and to get to answer questions about them. BUT, unfortunately, asparagus season is coming to a close. :( We will, however, have asparagus for sale at this upcoming farmer's market! And we may continue to gather through next week, but we're very surprised to even be still picking asparagus this late in the year and don't expect to be doing so much longer. So please, if you haven't had the chance to pick up a bundle, come to our farmer's market this upcoming Saturday!

Look forward to seeing some new produce, peas, cherry tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, zucchini, squash, And root veggies!


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