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Back at it Again!

We are so excited to announce that our hemp clones--over 900 plants--have taken very well and we are getting ready to plant almost an entire acre of hemp! Ours are a strain called Cherry Citrus, a variety known for how early it becomes ready for harvest and its high CBD content (12-14%).

We are working hard on organizing and cleaning up our property as well! We're trimming and mowing, planting (of course), and even doing some landscaping with blackberries, mulch, and a LOT of weeding.

We're also working on NEW products: tomato sauce, pickled asparagus, pickled okra, chokecherry salt, blackberry salt, mulberry salt, flavored wine salts, mulberry jelly, mulberry wine jelly, mulberry wine vinegar, transplants… I mean, the list goes on!

We're having a pop-up market this weekend at our property! We'll be selling lettuce, baby collards, quail, pheasant eggs, quail eggs, pickled eggs, artisanal syrups and jellies, small house plants, and more! We're very excited to be doing this again and would love to see you and your family swing by, just please be sensitive to the current social distancing order by staying six feet from others in attendance.

Have a look at our new Rhode Island Red and svata hora chickens! Here they are in their teen phase, flopping around all cute.

We're excited to raise them for meat and eggs for your table.

Even more exciting news: we will be a part of the online farmers market at Dorey Park from May 3rd until May 6th! For those three days you'll be able to place your orders for our products on their website and we'll deliver them fresh to Dorey Park the morning of Saturday the 9th!

Our very own Lorriane has begun crafting medicinal and cosmetic products from our farm harvested materials! Salves to help with arthritis, congestion, skin irritation, and more! Feel free to message us as and ask for Lorriane if you're interested in more info on those!

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