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Farm to Table Quail Frites

Crispy fried potatoes served with your choice of our own seasonal toppings.

Topping options are seasonal and based on what we have available, but if you see it on our website it might be a topping!



Just drive down the gravel road, park in the normal parking area, and walk through the wrought iron arch to our mystical courtyard. It is fenced in and shaded, you can’t miss it!

What's in Season?

CABBAGE $1.00/lb

KALE $2.00/ bunch

COLLARDS $2.00/ bunch

SPRING ONIONS $1.00/ bunch



Zucchini and Yellow squash $1.99/lb

Cucumbers $1.99/lb

Carrots $4.00/ bunch

Torpedo Onions $3.00/bunch

Mint $1.50/ bunch

Basil $1.50/ bunch

Eggplant $1.99/lb

Tomatoes $1.99/lb

Okra $1.99/lb

This will be the last week for pheasant and pheasant preorders. When our next brood is of age, we will let everyone know. We will still have our quail available though!

Additionally, we will be accepting preorders for Turkey, Guineafowl, and Chickens!

Turkey and Guinea require a $15 deposit.

We will also be selling our pickles at half price, and we now have our very own dill relish to share with you!

This past week we have been working hard on what we like to call "farm beautification." Although some of the things we have been working on are pretty much just plant maintenance, we like beautification better. One thing that we have been working hard to finish up is trellising our heat loving plants, such as peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, and sometimes okra. At Beaver Creek we utilize T-posts and wooden stakes for our trellising. Our cherry tomatoes always grow well over 6 feet so we use an 8ft t-post for them. For everything else we use either wooden stakes or 6ft t-posts. We utilize things we already have available. The T-posts are great because they are reusable every year!

One of the most important things to remember when farming is to have a plan. Making a plan is the first step to accomplishing your goals and the easiest way to make sure you’re keeping your life on track. Whether it’s a plan for the day, the week, a few months out, or your entire business plan, they are important for a number of reasons.

Plans keep you focused. We are all susceptible to becoming overwhelmed, causeing us to make mistakes because we're trying to compensate for lost time or potential mistakes. Sometimes, this leads to more issues because we begin rushing or forgetting things. Having your plan written down, and making sure your coworkers and employees know the plan, is the easiest way to avoid these problems.

Plans are also helpful for record keeping. Making a plan or a list of things to do can help you recap what you’ve accomplished. If you plan to plant 5 rows of tomatoes but realize that was too many, then the following year you can better estimate how much you can do.

Making a plan can save you money in the long run. Having a plan laid out helps you determine what tools and materials you need, how many people you need to complete the task, and ultimately how long it will take.

At Beaver Creek, we encourage everyone to carry a farm journal. A small pocket planner, such as the one below, is perfect for the garden. Rite in the Rain makes some really great, weatherproof materials that are great for taking outside.

Besides that, one of the greatest tools we have access to is Google Docs and Google Sheets. If you have your phone, you always have access to your documents. This can include CSA forms, inventory sheets, chore checklists, labels and safety documents (just copy and paste from the manufacturer’s website for easy access.) It’s free to use and all you need is a gmail account.

Don't forget we also have slots available for volunteers. Need volunteer hours for a club or school? Looking to learn about where your food comes from and how it's produced? Are you just in need of a reason to get outside, maybe burn a few calories? Contact us today if you're interested!

@beavercreekgamefarms Check out our Facebook!

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