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Pheasant time!


Fried Pheasant Tacos


Grilled Turkey with Beaver Creek Bird Rub

What's in Season?

SALAD MIX $4.00/ bag

 BABY GREENS $4.50/ bag


KALE $3.00/ bunch

CHARD $3.00/ bunch

ARUGULA $3.00/ bunch

ROSEMARY $5/ bunch


BASIL, THYME, or MINT $1.00/lb

EGGPLANT 3.99/ lb

PEPPERS 3.99/lb

(carmen, poblano, jalapeño)

and anything else that is in season by then!

This week we will also be carrying our seasonal item PICKLED OKRA. If you loved it last year, you’ll love it this year! But be quick to snag some we only have 30 left!

So be sure to come check those out!

Contact us for Pick-Up ANY DAY this week.

We have PUMPKINS FOR SALE at our farm! JACK-O-Lanterns go for $5 if it’s medium, and $7 for the larges. At the Dorey Park Farmers Market we sell small acorn squash, and they go for $2 a piece. So make sure to come by our stand or Dorey Park! 

Check out our friends at the Lilly Pad, we have the privilege of selling products to them for cocktails, and signature dishes!

Pheasant and Chukar are ready for all you restaurant and gourmet chefs looking for quality, local game birds. Speaking of birds, make sure to CLAIM YOUR TURKEY! Thanksgiving is upon us, be sure to secure a turkey NOW.

Our quail will be ready in about 8-10 weeks!

Please feel free to inquire for pricing on all birds!


Chicken eggs are 2/$6

Quail eggs are Buy One Get One free!

Hiring a butchering and harvest intern

Harvest is immediate 

butcher is in a couple weeks depending on when birds are ready, may start off harvesting 

If you are interested in feeding your family AND supporting local farmers please visit our website below to see how you can help out!

Don't forget we also have slots available for volunteers. Need volunteer hours for a club or school? Looking to learn about where your food comes from and how it's produced? Are you just in need of a reason to get outside, maybe burn a few calories? Contact us today if you're interested!

@beavercreekgamefarms Check out our Facebook!

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