I Can See Clearly Now


Quail Frittes

Grilled quail served with French fries loaded with seasonal toppings


Recipe of the Week:

Grilled quail

2 butterflied quail

1 pack of bird rub, or your favorite seasoning- coat both sides until well seasoned

Put on a medium high grill

Top with bacon

Additionally, grill onions, okra, carrots, or corn for a side

Cook for 15-20 minutes, or until cooked all the way through , depends on your grill

10 minutes then flip

Featured Artist(s): LoveLight Candle Company

What's in Season?

Cabbage $1.00/ lb

Cucumbers $1.99/lb

Torpedo Onions $3.00/quart

Basil $1.50/ bunch

Red Noodle Beans $4/ pound

Okra $3/ pound

Cherry tomatoes $3/ pint 5/quart

Slicing tomatoes $3/lb

Jalapeños $3/ pint $5/qt

Peppers $2.99/lb

Radishes $3/bunch

Beets $3/bunch

Beet greens $1.50/ bunch

Fresh Chicken Eggs $4.00/dzn

Quail Eggs $6.50/2dzn

We will also have available:

Basil Jelly $6

Jalapeño Jelly $6

Mint Jelly $6

PopPop’s Relish $6

Dill Carrot Relish $)