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Fourth of July Weekend

Our Taco Menu for this week will be a Korean BBQ Taco, and our Rosemary Potato Firecracker Taco, both served on a corn tortilla.

MENU Saturday 7/4/2020

Rosemary Potato and Pheasant egg,

topped with PIckled Onions, fresh scallions, our famous hot honey, a house aioli, and a verde sauce

$3 each or 3/$8


Korean BBQ Style Quail

Korean BBQ Grilled Quail served on a bed of Asian style slaw made with cabbage, spring onions, garlic, and baby carrots. Topped with WildEarth Fermentation kimchi

$3.50 each or 3/$9

This weekend we are excited to be hosting one of our BIGGEST SALES of the year. We are reducing our prices on many items, including our delicious tacos!

With the holiday coming this weekend, we are putting some of our staples on sale! Whether you need to make coleslaw, greens, white meat, potato salad, deviled eggs, or anything in between we have you covered.

CABBAGE $1.00/lb

KALE $1.00/lb

COLLARDS $1.00/lb

SPRING ONIONS $1.00/ bunch

POTATOES $2.00/ lb

PHEASANT EGGS $4.00/ dzn


We will also be selling:

Zucchini and Yellow squash




Torpedo Onions


and anything else that is in season by then!

Contact us for Pick-Up ANY DAY this week.

This week we are happy to announce that we have let our young Rhode Island Red chickens out to pasture! They are loving it! We have also set out our Black Chickens in their chicken tractors, and they took them very quickly! We separate the two because they tend to have opposite temperaments, and we don't want to crossbreed any.

At first, our Reds were very uncertain of the outdoor life at first but they have conquered their fears and made the leap. Now, you can hardly get them back in their coop! After a short game of chase they usually find their way back into their coop

Our black chickens are a breed known as Svarthöna or Swedish Black. These chickens are known for their beautiful and striking black coloration. Not only are their feathers, beaks, and feet black, but so is their skin and meat.

Recently we finished up our U-Pick herb garden that will open daily for you to pick fresh herbs to go with your quail pick-ups! Stop by to get some lavender, basil, cilantro, sage, dill, or chamomile. Soon, we may even see some strawberries, yum! We will announce ahead of time what is ready in the U-Pick Garden!

Don't forget to sign up for your CSA. We still have plenty of open spots, but they won't last forever! You can email us to sign up, message us on social media, or come see us in person at either the Farm Stand or Dorey Park. That's right! You can start watching for us at Dorey Park this year. We will have a stand set up and be offering all of our usual great produce and products. The only thing you won't be able to get at Dorey Park will be our Farm to Hand Tacos. You'll have to stop by the farm to pick up some of those. However, if you let out stand attendant know they can relay the order to us so we can have them ready when you arrive!

We got some brand new Venturi Fertilizer Injectors this week that is really upgrading our fertilizing and irrigation regime. Instead of having to hand fertilize plants with 50lb bags of pellets, we now have the option to pre-mix some water soluble fertilizers. This system allows us to turn on the water and walk away. There is no electricity, just a bit of DIY plumbing and some garden hose. Here is what ours looked like in action.

On the left, we used some Garden Coil Hose Protectors attached directly to the injector using a brass double female garden hose. This is the water intake and is hooked up to the water supply. The injector is then attached to a brass double female converter that allows it to be connected to a garden hose. In our case, our irrigation's main supply line has a male garden hose end, so we had to add a double female adapter.

It's important to use some thread sealant for the connections, to help avoid leaks. This will also allow you to tighten the connections a little more gently, to avoid cracking the plastic.

All of the brass fittings can be found at your local hardware store. Be sure to take the injector with you so can dry fit everything, to make sure it works. Once, you have everything assembled, we suggest draping the system over five gallon bucket, like in the photo above.

From there, you set your dial to the rate you'd like to use, fill up the bucket, and turn your water on. Once it has finished, be sure to run some clean water through it to rinse out the injector and be sure there isn't any left over fertilizer lingering in your system.

This is a GREAT garden investment, even for the home garden. You don't have to be a farmer to set up fertigation in your own backyard.

Don't forget we also have slots available for volunteers. Need volunteer hours for a club or school? Looking to learn about where your food comes from and how it's produced? Are you just in need of a reason to get outside, maybe burn a few calories? Contact us today if you're interested!

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