Boil em, Mash em, Stick em In A Stew


Grilled Quail and Fries

(quail grilled with bird rub) $12 seasoned with our bird rub

Beaver Creek Fries

Recipe of the Week:

Beaver Creek fries

Potato fries, jalapeños, onions, corn, bacon, cilantro, garlic aioli, and beaver creeks signature hot sauce

Featured Artist(s): LoveLight Candle Company

What's in Season?

Cabbage $1.00/ lb

Torpedo Onions $3.00/quart

Basil $1.50/ bunch

Red Noodle Beans $4/ pound

Okra $3/ pound

Cherry tomatoes $3/ pint 5/quart

Slicing tomatoes $3/lb

Jalapeños $3/ pint $5/qt

Peppers $2.99/lb

Radishes $3/bunch

Beets $3/bunch

Beet greens $1.50/ bunch

Fresh Chicken Eggs $4.00/dzn

Quail Eggs $6.50/2dzn

We will also have available:

Basil Jelly $6

Jalapeño Jelly $6

Mint Jelly $6

PopPop’s Relish $6

Dill Carrot Relish $)

Mulberry Jelly $6

Blackberry Syrup $10

Bird Rub $5 each

Butterflied Quail $10/ 2 pk

Contact us for Pick-Up ANY DAY this week.

Now that the formalities are out of the way, let’s talk about our work week!

We started out the week needing A LOT of supplies. Our boss has been working super hard to produce the best jellies, relish, and bird rub for you, our supporters! Come to our farmers market Saturday and check our NEW basil, and mint jelly, but also our PopPops sweet relish, and Dill Carrot relish.

For the most part this week we have been trying to dig up our potatoes. So far we have our Adirondack Blue, Yukon Gold, and some Fingerling potatoes!

Adirondack Blue: it is a variety that is blue flesh/ ski with a slight purple tint.

Yukon Gold: thin, smooth, eye free skin, and yellow-ish flesh

Fingerling: small, stubby, finger shaped type of potato. They naturally grow small and narrow.