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Ain't No Challah Back Girl

This week we won't be serving up tacos. INSTEAD, we will be offering up homemade challah bread by our very own, Lorriane.

MENU Saturday 7/11/2020

Fresh brunch challah, to-go!

Egg and Cheese Challah


Fresh pheasant and quail eggs topped with cheese, tomato, rosemary, and drizzled with hot

honey. Served on our fresh challah.

Add Bacon $1.00

Jelly Challah


Warm challah simply topped with a pad of butter and a heaping serving of seasonal.

What's in Season?

CABBAGE $1.00/lb

KALE $2.00/ bunch

COLLARDS $2.00/ bunch

SPRING ONIONS $1.00/ bunch



Zucchini and Yellow squash $1.99/lb

Cucumbers $1.99/lb

Carrots $4.00/ bunch

Torpedo Onions $3.00/bunch

Mint $1.50/ bunch

Basil $1.50/ bunch

and anything else that is in season by then!

This week we will also be carrying our new line of dill pickles. We've got all kinds and shapes. Even spicy. So be sure to come check those out!

Contact us for Pick-Up ANY DAY this week.

One of our biggest successes this season was sprouting our own pawpaw trees. If you don't know what a pawpaw is, it is Native America's largest native tree fruit and resembles a combination between bananas and mangoes. It's actually a cousin of the custard apple. Personally, it's one of our favorite foraged item. However, we are happy at the prospects of our own planted pawpaw grove.

At the farm one of our biggest issues is dealing with weeds. Since we don’t use herbicides, we utilize a lot of different hand tools. Our favorite tool for weeding is the classic hoe. We actually use a couple different kinds of hoes. The hoe to the far left is, of course, the classic garden hoe. They are perfect for general weeding purposes, moving dirt for making mounds, and chopping larger weed stalks. The second from the left is the triangle hoe. This is a very versatile hoe that is good for breaking up clods, and getting in between tighter row spacing than the traditional hoe. Next is the scuffle hoe. This hoe tends to be lighter weight, has a thinner spacing than traditional hoes, and is less time consuming because it allows you to go forward and backwards. The last hoe is a hand hoe. These are great for spot weeding, raised beds, and containers. These often come in multiple shapes and sizes.

Most of the classic style hoes can be purchased at your local hardware store, or you can find them here with these links:

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